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The 2nd Annual Medicine Hat Rotary Gala
On Saturday, May 12th, 2018 More events

6:00pm to 12:00am
The Beveridge
Age Group

Thanks to your generous support in 2017 we raised $25,000!

The Rotary Club of Medicine Hat is fundraising for an upgrade to the maps, directional signage, trail markers and informational story boards on Medicine Hat's urban trail network. The project will involve approximately 10 neighborhood maps, showing walking and biking trails in each subdivision or neighborhood.  Additionally trail markers with location and directional information will be placed at strategic locations around the community.  If budget permits, “mile markers” would also be placed at certain locations to allow all trail users to orient themselves and can be used by Emergency Response Personnel in the event that injuries happen in remote areas.

This year we have an evening of music, dancing, appetizers, and alcohol. Features live & Silent auction fudraisers, 3 different bands, and the local breweries. 

Price: $100 a ticket includes supper and admission to all

For more information please visit 

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